25 January 2010

S.L. Collins - Baptist Home Missions

In the Civil War letter written by Stephen L. Collins, he mentions that he is a "Missionary Baptist" preacher. Googling led me to books re: the Baptist Home Missions in North America and the American Baptist Home Missionary Society. A few listings for S. L. have been found as follows in Ohio and Missouri:
Rocky River Association, Church at Seville, Medina Co., OH, 6 Baptisms, 77 members. [note this is where Christopher Royce Collins was born, 11 May 1847, I previously thought it was Leesville, I was wrong).
Rocky River Association, Church at Westfield, Medina Co., OH, 29 members.
Zoar Association, Church at Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH, 30 members. S.L. was the minister at this church from May of 1851 to about Apr 1852.
In a History of the Baptists in Missouri, a State Convention of Baptists was held in Sept. 1865. Rev. S. L. Collins is listed as being on the executive board of missions. This would mean that the Collins family moved from Nebraska sometime after the birth of John Tim Collins in June of 1864, and before the Missouri Baptist Convention in Sept 1865.
From the Missouri Baptist General Association 50th Annual Session in Marshall MO, Oct 21st, 1884, S.L. Collins is listed as a minister from Greenfield MO.