21 March 2010

Collins portraits

I need to say that the portrait scans, shown here of Stephen & Mary, are not exactly as received. I touched and tweaked the scans a bit. I'd be happy to provide the untouched versions to anyone who would like that version. I'd also like to ask if anyone out there has any additional information or photos about this or associated families. With the recent new tidbits and wonderful photos, I thought it might be a good time to update what is known about this family. I have some thoughts about the Helfer/Helpher family as well, that I will post soon.

13 March 2010

Stephen L. & Mary Marie Collins Photos

I just received these wonderful photographs from a terrific, sharing cousin. These appear to have been used as the basis of a combined crayon photo, showing the two of them together. I'd be happy to post or send that photo as well to anyone who is interested. Thank you Juanita....

08 March 2010

Collins in Andrew County Missouri

Since learning that S. L. Collins & family lived in Amazonia, Andrew County, Missouri, I have been looking to more precisely learn when they were there. A couple of marriages performed by S.L. in 1868 have provided that confirmation.
Andrew County Missouri Marriages:
Thomas Mason to Jennie Halliday, 17 October 1868.
James T. Thompson to Clarissa Ann Roberts, 5 July 1868.

These are the only two S.L. marriages, I have found so far but they put the family in Andrew County from about July to October and likely longer. We know that S.L. purchased the Dade County MO, property in 1869. I do not know yet precisely where Linnie was born in July 1867. We also know that Christopher, married in Daviess County in Dec 1868, but S.L. may not have been living there at that time and he did not perform the marriage ceremony.
More to find...