09 March 2013

Martin - Kirby

My Paternal side - James Martin and Rosena Roxanna Kirby were the parents of William Enoch Martin.  In recent days I believe I've located the area of Tennessee where they lived and some will data etc.  Since Martin is a VERY common name I have lots more work to do before I am comfortable about sharing what I've found.  It appears that James and Rosena married about 1850,  Their son Wm was born in March 1852 in Tennessee.  They were divorced (or James died) before Nov 1856 when Rosena married 2nd to Thomas Jefferson Wray.  All of this has been known for many years.  I believe I know who Rosena's parents are but need to confirm.  I am also researching the other Martin families in the TN county where James and Rosena lived.  Hopefully more will follow.  I sure wish Russ & Wini were still here to enjoy the hunt with me.