12 July 2009

Ernst H. W. Schmoe - Julietta Indiana Evangelical Association

I just chanced upon an interesting reference to Ernst H. W. Schmoe, my G.G. Grandfather and family. Here are a few pages from the book. Click to enlarge.

"Historical data and life sketches of the deceased ministers of the Indiana Conference of the Evangelical Association, 1835-1915"

Some of those mentioned in the article:
Frederick Schmoe [b. 1834 in Germany] is believed to be Ernst H.W. Schmoe's brother. "Father & Mother Ostermeire", were William [b. 1803] & Christine Eleanore Tegtmeier Ostermeier [b. 1805], father and step-mother of Ernst Schmoe's wife, Caroline Ostermeier [b. 1828].

08 July 2009

Mysterious Schmoe's in Old City Directories

There are a number of Schmoes listed in old directories, most of these individuals are known to me, and in predictable places and times.

Below are a couple of mysterious entries from 2 old City Directories.
Both are Schmoes, and I'm not positive yet, who they are. I'll put my guess for one, the other is so far still unknown.

1936 Oklahoma City, OK, Polk city directory page 672.
Schmoe, Lillian, asst chemist Balyeat Hay Fever & Asthma Clinic, r899 NW 18th.

While there were several Lillian Schmoes (both married and unmarried), I cannot positively place this one with any of the known families, especially in Oklahoma. Any Ideas???

1881 Kansas City Missouri, Hoye's City Directory, page 574
Schmoe, Ernst, carpenter, r. ws. Harrison, bet. 21st and 22nd.

I believe this is Great-Great Grandfather. Ernst H.W. Schmoe born 1822 in Germany. In June of 1880 he was living, with his children, in Jennings County, Indiana, listed as a farmer. His married daughter Mary Reinking with husband Carl and family were living nearby. We know that sometime between June 1880 (census), and June of 1881 (birth of Carl & Mary's dau Pearl in Oak Grove MO), the Reinking's moved to Oak Grove, Jackson County, MO. Not far from Kansas City. The family tradition is that the families first went to Kansas City to find work. The Reinking's stayed in Oak Grove the remainder of their days, but Ernst Schmoe and his other children moved to Prairie Center, Johnson County Kansas sometime before the 1st of March, 1885 (KS state census). Ernst died there in 1894.