12 July 2009

Ernst H. W. Schmoe - Julietta Indiana Evangelical Association

I just chanced upon an interesting reference to Ernst H. W. Schmoe, my G.G. Grandfather and family. Here are a few pages from the book. Click to enlarge.

"Historical data and life sketches of the deceased ministers of the Indiana Conference of the Evangelical Association, 1835-1915"

Some of those mentioned in the article:
Frederick Schmoe [b. 1834 in Germany] is believed to be Ernst H.W. Schmoe's brother. "Father & Mother Ostermeire", were William [b. 1803] & Christine Eleanore Tegtmeier Ostermeier [b. 1805], father and step-mother of Ernst Schmoe's wife, Caroline Ostermeier [b. 1828].